Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God is in the details

we are at the point in our process where we have gathered all our documents, even re-gathering some as we did it wrong the first time, and we are ready to send in our precious packet to the secretary of state and then the nica consulate to be authenticated. this is the LAST step that we need to do here in the states!

i've been basically stacking all our documents inside a folder but that is as organized as i have been. as i went to gather them all and put them in order to double check they were all there and prepare them to ship out, i realized i was missing one document. and i could not for the life of me remember where i had put it. add to that that our main living/working area is in complete disarray right now because of remodeling and nothing is where is should be. i checked the 3 places i thought it could be with no luck. i needed to get to work so i said a quick prayer to God to help me find the documents thinking i would look again when i returned home. but about 20 seconds after i said that i noticed a manila folder on our kitchen counter. i stopped and stared at it trying to figure out what it was. it had been there for weeks, under a pile of papers that i had just that morning went through and i had had it in the back of my mind that it was some semi-important mail that i had already looked at but had to find a place for. i thought "could it be?!?!"
and it was! the lost documents. i couldn't believe it!

God is so good all the time and He has been in the big parts and the details of this process since the beginning. what a sweet reminder that He is in charge!

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the mommy said...

oh my goodness, i'm so excited for you guys! God is so faithful, i love hearing what He's doing with this whole process. keep updating, i'm looooving it. ;)